Link 10 Jan The Degree Is Doomed»

Because some people in Silicon Valley said so. Oh and the author is a venture capitalist for education companies. So he wouldn’t have anything to benefit from it.

Link 9 Dec Donald Clark Plan B: MOOCs: the C***** word is the problem!»

MOOCs should become “Massive open online content” - Or as we’ve called it for the past 12 years, OERs.

Link 9 Dec Education Technology Is In Its Infancy But It Is Growing Fast»

This piece isn’t too bad, as far as general journalism goes, but this bit is just lazy. Education isn’t the same now as it was 10 years ago, let alone 100s.

Link 2 Dec When Media Companies Try to Become Education Companies»

"the education space is massive, very broken”

I love the way this is stated now, as if well established fact, like gravity or something. And of course, media companies they can fix it.

Link 18 Sep No Child Left Untableted»

The article is a bit cautious but Amplify boss likes phrases such as ““K-12 isn’t working and we have to change the way we do it.” 

Link 4 Sep Zombie apocalypse: The future of universities?»

Some brandishing of old wine in new bottles here

Link 30 Jul Disrupting education»

The greatest revolution in the history of mankind no less. And man, do they love the word disruption

Link 24 Jun»

Khan was the knight who saved education. What’s that? Higher education had been doing MOOCs for years? Hush your mouth!

Link 24 Jun 1 note»

Only venture capital can save broken education! - I mean, this one is pure gold

Video 11 Jun 1 note

This one leaves a nasty taste in the mouth

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